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Re-Markings, a biannual refereed international journal of English Letters, aims at providing a healthy forum for scholarly and authoritative views on broad sociopolitical and cultural issues of human import as evidenced in literature, art, television, cinema and journalism with special emphasis on New Literatures in English including translations and creative excursions.

A Biannual Refereed International
Journal of English Letters

ISSN 0972-611X

Impact Factor: 11.489

For over two decades I've read this excellent and ground-breaking publication. One might say Re-Markings is India's finest literary ambassador to the world.
Charles Johnson
US National Book Award Winning Writer, UOW, Seattle, USA

With each edition Re-Markings reaches a new milestone in its distinguished journey as a literary and historical review. I am optimistic that the journal will continue to enrich politically engaged and ethically informed intellectual discourse in our country and beyond.

— Sugata Bose

Harvard University Historian; Chairperson, NRB, Kolkata and
former Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)

I admire Re-Markings as a literary and cultural publication that brings the world together through creative and critical oeuvres that celebrate the cultivation of humane impulses and the triumph of the human spirit. 


Tijan M. Sallah

The Gambia’s Renowned Poet and Writer, Maryland, USA

Re-Markings is a true world ambassador representing and giving voice to the craft of writing and her crafters: the writers. May Re-Markings grow from strength to strength for many years to come!

- Raks Morakabe Seakhoa

South African Writer and Activist

Re-Markings is one of my major literary lifelines. 23 years is a long time for a journal to go on publishing creative, brilliant and original articles.
Bravo Re-Markings.

Jonah Raskin
Writer, Poet & Former Chair, Communication Studies Department at Sonoma State University, California, USA.

Nibir K. Ghosh should be admired for giving breath and life to Re-Markings for twenty-three years now. His journal should be viewed as a resource for future thinkers and a "palace" for international ideas and scholarship.

E. Ethelbert Miller

Writer and Literary Activist, Washington, D.C., USA

Re-Markings is a distinctive journal that celebrates the life of the mind as it provides a platform for scholars, artists, and poets from around the globe to share commentary, insights, and revelations, and connect with a devoted international audience.

Robin Lindley

Features Editor, History News Network, Seattle, USA

Re-Markings has consistently provided a finely curated platform for eclectic perspectives on intellectual to artistic and political issues. The world is necessarily better for it.

Cyril Wong

Acclaimed Singaporean Writer and Poet

Re-Markings is doing commendable work, under the exemplary leadership of its Chief Editor, Nibir K. Ghosh, in addressing issues and concerns seminal to main-stream as well as marginal literatures.

Sharankumar Limbale

Dalit Literary Icon and Activist

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