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Re-Markings, a biannual refereed international journal of English Letters, aims at providing a healthy forum for scholarly and authoritative views on broad sociopolitical and cultural issues of human import as evidenced in literature, art, television, cinema and journalism with special emphasis on New Literatures in English including translations and creative excursions.

A Biannual Refereed International
Journal of English Letters

ISSN 0972-611X

Impact Factor: 11.489

Vol.22 No.2 September 2023

Vol.22 No.1 March 2023

Vol.21 No.2 September 2022

Vol.21 No.1 March 2022

Vol.18 No.2 September 2019

Vol.18 No.1 March 2019

Vol.17 No.3 September 2018

Vol.17 No.1 March 2018

Vol.16 No.3 September 2017

Vol.16 No.2 March 2017

Vol.15 No.2 September 2016

Vol.15 No.1 March 2016

Vol.14 No.2 September 2015

Vol.14 No.1 March 2015

Vol.13 No.3 September 2014

Vol.13 No.2 March 2014

Vol.12 No.2 September 2013

Vol.12 No.1 March 2013

Vol.11 No.2 September 2012

Vol.11 No.1 March 2012

Vol.10 No.2 September 2011

Vol.10 No.1 March 2011

Vol.9 No.2 September 2010

Vol.9 No.1 March 2010

Vol.8 No.2 September 2008

Vol.8 No.1 March 2009

Vol.7 No.2 September 2008

Vol.7 No.1 March 2008

Vol.06 No.2 September 2007

Vol.06 No.1 March 2007

Vol.5 No.2 September 2006

Vol.5 No.1 March 2006

Vol.4 No.2 September 2005

Vol.4 No.1 March 2005

Vol.3 No.2 September 2004

Vol.3 No.1 March 2004

Vol.2 No.2 September 2003

Vol.2 No.1 March 2003

Vol.1 No.2 September 2002

Vol.1 No.1 March 2002

Vol.20 No.2 September 2021

Vol.20 No.1 March 2021

Vol.19 No.2 September 2020

Vol.19 No.1 March 2020

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